"Taking Charge of Change"

Total Self-Care Package

"Taking Charge of Change"

With this full service solution you get everything you need to get ahead in life, regardless of any bumps along the way or baggage that’s been holding you back. Don’t let stress and anxiety hold you back from living the life that you deserve. The products in this package contain powerful, life-changing lessons you can use right now.

Here's what you get...

Winning Mindset Training Program

Discover how to make and maintain your own mindset of motivation. These psychological strategies will drive you to succeed.

  • Printable workbook and worksheets
  • 12 learning modules
  • 17 standalone exercises
  • 5 immersive audio experiences
  • Free updates for life

$149 (value)

The ABC's of Anxiety

Learn how to win over worry with David’s flagship anxiety reduction course.

  • Learn how to reduce anxiety quickly
  • Techniques to learn confidence and control
  • 5 Learning modules
  • 30 Easy to digest video lessons
  • 7 Immersive audio resources
  • Free updates for life

$149 (value)

7 x MP3 audio files

Better Sleep Audio Collection

Enjoy a better night’s sleep immediately with this collection of sleep resources. Everyone of these resources is designed to improve an aspect of your sleep, so can try a different one every night of the week.

  • Pre sleep relaxation exercise
  • Pre sleep visualization exercise
  • Pre sleep breathing exercise
  • Pre sleep self calming exercise
  • Pre sleep confident mindset exercise
  • Pre sleep stillness exercise
  • Pre sleep perspective exercise

$50 (value)

Stress and Wellness Diagnostic tools

Uncover your current stress exposure level and determine what to do to bring your life back into balance.

  • Assess your current stress exposure level 
  • Assess how WELL you are doing
  • Determine life areas out of balance
  • Understand where to focus to fix it
  • Prioritize needs over wants
  • Target your efforts effectively 
  • Know what to do and why
  • Inform your mindset

$49 (value)

Private Facebook Group

Gain access to a private FB group where you can share your progress and questions with our like-minded community all driven to succeed.

$100 (value)

The Total Self-Care Package

Here's what you get


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Your Instructor

David Fairweather

David Fairweather is a registered psychotherapist and high-performance mind coach focused on getting the absolute best out of everyone he works with.

With the right guidance you can do anything you set your mind to. Let David guide you into becoming the very best you, you can be.