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Building Blocks of Confidence

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How to change your life


You can’t fix a problem you don’t understand - and so our work will begin by fully exploring, assessing and reflecting on what’s really been going on with you.


Armed with a greater understanding, we will move on to define in detail the specific steps you can take to overcome or resolve your challenges as completely as possible.


Our work together will then transition into successfully implementing the planned intervention, addressing any issues that may surface when you begin attempting to change.

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These are the highly effective transferable principles of self-change and will therefore be involved in any transformational work in one form or another, even if you aren’t aware you are using one of the principles! You can use these strategies to stop smoking, work more efficiently, lose weight, earn more commissions, or anything else you’d like to accomplish.

These principles can and have worked for millions of people though out history and if used correctly will work to keep you motivated to do what you are determined do. When you engage with the principles and put your plan into action, you will immediately begin to see the evidence of it working for you.

Winning Mindset

#1 International Best Seller on Amazon

Self Help Anxiety Reduction

Almost 1M views on YouTube

Building Blocks of Confidence

aka The ABC's of Anxiety

Your Instructor

David Fairweather

David Fairweather is a registered psychotherapist and high-performance mind coach focused on getting the absolute best out of everyone he works with.

With the right guidance you can do anything you set your mind to. Let David guide you into becoming the very best you, you can be.

A former York University lecturer, Faculty of Health employee, workshop facilitator and researcher for the School of Nursing, David has produced and directed over 50 educational training films and co-authored several academic publications related to enculturation through technology, mind focused methods to manage stress & anxiety, and learning & performing at a high level under pressure.

In the last 25 years, David has consulted, lectured and presented workshops for companies including:


Struggling with a cognitive, emotional or behavioural issue? Walking the path back to wellness can feel like a lonely journey, especially if the people in your life don’t really understand what your dealing with.

Maybe you aren’t comfortable merely masking your symptoms with medications, that come with their own side effects that can often feel worse than your original presenting issue.

With all the demands on their time these days, doctors are less able to dedicate the time it can take, to talk you through what’s happening, and help you get your head around what it takes to resolve it – or at least cope better with whatever’s going on.

And that’s where psychotherapy comes in. Things have evolved a lot since Sigmund Freud’s day…


Want to get more out of the one and only life you’ll get to live? So many people talk about living your best life and being the best version of yourself, but what does that really mean? Even more puzzling than that, can you even do it?

How can I help you?

Are you suffering from a diagnosed mental health challenge that requires psychotherapy?

Are you looking to get more out of your life or become a better version of you?